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What Is In A Waterbed Mattress

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Fiber Layers

a mattress with fiber layersThe baffle concept was replaced when fiber was introduced. At first the fiber layers were all the same size as the mattress and only a few layers were used solely to slow the motion and eliminate disturbing the other sleeper. Some people may call this style mattress a baffled mattress.

Each brand and mattress line uses different thicknesses of fiber as well as differing arrangements for the layers and different vinyl.

All our mattresses use DacronTM fiber layers. Dacron Fiber Layers are assembled much as you would a sandwich.

mattress insides

   Here we see a mattress cut-away with 2 fiber layers.

   The fiber layers are typically attached at the four corners with an elastic cord or tape and anchored to the bottom of the mattress shell. This is called Tethering. This helps keep the fiber layers centered during normal use.

Lumbar Layers

a mattress with lumbarShorter layers are used in many waterbed mattress models to add lumbar support. These short layers generally extend only from the shoulder to the hip region.

Lumbar Support is more important for heavier sleepers because they tend to sink into the mattress more.


Dual Mattresses

dual mattressThere are several reasons for having two mattresses

  1. One sleeper likes it warm and the other likes it cool
  2. One sleeper likes the mattress firm and the other likes it soft
  3. With two mattresses the motion effects are less pronounced than with a single mattress

Smooth or Molded Top

Molded Top: The purpose of a molded top is to create small pockets of air between each high spot. One manufacturer says it reduces surface pressure between your skin and the mattress surface, another that it allows better breathing of the skin.

A smooth top is easier to patch if there is a puncture.

Mattress Vinyl

Vinyl: Vinyl is the second most popular plastic manufactured in the U.S. today. Over 15 billion pounds each year.

Vinyl is composed of two simple building blocks: chlorine, based on common salt, and ethylene, from natural gas. By employing further chemistry, vinyl can be made flexible, rigid or semi-liquid; clear or colorful; thick or thin – making it the world’s most versatile plastic material.

Mattress Quality and Durability

All of our waterbed mattresses were selected for durability. The shell is nominally from 20 to 25 mil in thickness. This is considered the sweet spot in waterbed mattress design. Vinyls that are thicker tend to crack. Vinyls that are too thin as you find in some cheap mattresses are easier to puncture or tear.

All our mattresses have seamless tops. The seams are on the sides, or the head and foot, or underneath the mattress as in the Strobel. This keeps the seams away from the top where most of the day to day strain occurs from getting in, tossing turning etc.

All our mattresses have additional layers of vinyl reinforcing at the corners, this feature is needed because of the normal pulling at the corners caused when changing the sheets.

You can be sure that any waterbed mattress bought at ABC Waterbed Outlet is top quality and specifically selected for comfort and durability. You don't want a problem product and neither do we.