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Installing a Waterbed Mattress in a Wood Frame Waterbed

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1   Installing a Waterbed Mattress Preparation

  1. Pick up tools and any refuse inside frame
  2. Vacuum out any small debris
  3. Tape all metal hardware with cloth duct tape   ----->

Many punctures are caused by not following these simple steps

image 1

2   Install the Heater

  1. Follow any specific instructions from your heater manufacturer
  2. Place the heating pad centered to avoid any seams  between deck boards
  3. For a single mattress it will heat the same no matter where it is placed
  4. Run wires through cutout at head of bed
heater installation  

3   Mount the Thermostat Control

Some heaters have a mountable thermostat. Mount the Thermostat Control to either side of the frame depending on where you will plug it in. It may be mounted on the side as shown, or underneath. See manufacturers instructions. Use the screws provided. Plug the cord from the heating pad into the control unit.

mount the thermostat  

4  Route the Sensor

Some heaters have a sensor which may be a tube or a wire. The sensor tube should be positioned away from the mattress pad between the frame and heating pad. At least 12 inches is preferred. Consult your installation instructions for more detailed or specific instructions.


5  Test Heater

To test the heater, plug it in and set the temperature. Place your hand on the heating pad.

As soon as it becomes warm - UNPLUG the Heater.

Running the heater without a waterbed mattress full of water could damage the heater. Direct contact with the heater for a prolonged period could result in a burn.

test heater  

6  Install the Safety Liner

Spread your safety liner out in the frame. Smooth out all wrinkles particularly over the heating pad. Align all corners of the liner with the frame's corners. Do not tape the safety liner to the frame, this often results in a ripped safety liner.


7   Optional Protective Cover

If you purchased an optional protective cover, this is the point where it would be installed. Unfold the cover and lay it out similar to the way the safety liner was laid out.


8  Prepare Optional Protective Cover for Mattress

Unzip the protective cover and lay it over the head or foot of the bed. This allows easy access for installing the waterbed mattress(s). Smooth out the inside of the cover. Do not tape the cover.

cover 2  

9  Install The Mattress

Place mattress inside the liner or protective cover. Unfold mattress and maneuver it into position. The fill valve should be at the foot of the mattress.


You also need to be sure the safety liner and or protective cover stays in place. Center the mattress as best you can at this point. It's easier to shift things at this point. When it's full of water it gets impossible.

mattress 2  

Filling The Mattress