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Softside Waterbed Toppers 7 inch Deep Fill - Includes Shipping

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  Riviera Softside Toppers - Pillowtop   

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Riviera Pillow Top Softside Waterbed Mattress Topper with Dual Bladder in King, Queen, by U.S. WaterMattress
Riviera Pillow Top Softside Waterbed Mattress Topper in Tube Style in King, Queen, Double, Full, Twin, U.S. WaterMattress

  Doral Softside Quilted Toppers   

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Doral Softside Waterbed Mattress Topper in Single Bladder for King, Queen, Double, Full, Twin, by U.S. WaterMattress
Doral Softside Waterbed Mattress Topper in Dual Bladder for King, Queen by U.S. WaterMattress
Doral Softside Waterbed Mattress Topper in Tube Style in King, Queen, Double, Full, Twin, by U.S. WaterMattress

Both Softside Waterbed Mattress Toppers include a Removable Quilted Top Cover in Bamboo Fabric along with a moisture barrier that is filled with 1 oz of Super Soft Holo-fill fiber matt & 1 inch of FR (Fire Retarded) Foam matt.

You can choose the Rivera which is a Pillowtop or the Doral which is a Quilted top.

Inside of the bottom part of the cover that supports the bladders is 7 inch Deep Fill Slope Foam Rails (shown in yellow) wrapped and connected with fabric, A Heavy Duty Vinyl Safety Liner and a Deluxe 22 mil Vinyl Full Motion Bladder in are included. The bladder is upgradeable in Firmness, Support & Wave reduction with many choices available.

Mattress Types available are Single Bladder, Dual Bladder & Tube Style waterbed mattress Bladders. Single and Dual Bladders are 7 inches deep. The Tubes are 4 inches deep and have 3 inches of convoluted foam to make up the depth of the mattress.

Also included in the Waterbed Mattress set is a Drain & Fill Kit with Conditioner and instructions for both putting your mattress set together and connecting the fittings to your Hose, mattress and faucet during filling, draining or maintaining the waterbed mattress level.

The Softside Waterbed Mattress Bladder can use a Optional Low Watt Heater for water temperature control, the Dual Waterbed Mattress can use Two Optional Low Watt Heaters, one for each side for individual temperature control.

Heat is what really makes a waterbed. Being able to control bed temperature to your body's comfort zone means getting into bed and falling asleep almost immediately as your muscles are relaxed by the gentle heat. This effect is even more important in Winter. Ever get into bed and it's so chilly it takes 15 minutes to warm up your area enough to fall asleep?

Toppers do not include a Support System. If you need a foundation or frame you probably want to go back to Softsides and select a Complete Softside Waterbed Set.

Please allow at least 48 hrs for production, your bed ships on or before the second business.

Continental USA Only, Supporting the Lower 48 States.

Made in the United States by United States Watermattress, U.S. Watermattress

Pillowtop Toppers include the Topper, Safety Liner, Fill & Drain Kit with conditioner, Shipping and a Mattress you select. Heater is optional since some customers may already have these.

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US Watermattress - Deep Dilled Softside Waterbed Mattresses

On Sale Now! Quick Free Shipping On These Softside Waterbed Mattresses in Complete Sets, Toppers or just Replacement Parts like Covers, Heaters, Liners, Mattress Accessories and Replacement Waterbed Bladders in Single, Dual or Tube Styles Bladders. In either Waveless, Semi Wave or All Full Motion Mattress Bladders With or Without Lumbar support In Conventional Sizes like standard King, Queen, Full & Twin sizes. These Softside Waterbed Mattresses are Made Here In The U.S.A. especially For todays Style Bedroom Furniture and Bed Linens.

Fast Free Shipping on our Softside Waterbed Mattress Sets in Single, Dual, Tube style bladders
United States WaterMattress is one of the Waterbed Mattress industry's true pioneers that combines old-fashioned American workmanship with the latest in sleep technology and design with superior attention to quality, fast delivery & down to earth Prices & Warranty's on all their Softside Waterbed Mattresses & Bladders. There Soft side Waterbed Warranties covers 100% for the first 2-5 years & 50% coverage there after, On all Manufacture defects based on Manufacture Current Suggested Retail Price after the 100% period is over.

Today, this company has evolved into one of America's most enduring Waterbed Mattress suppliers, shipping from its modern factory just north of the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. Made In The U.S.A

what is a softside
A Softside Waterbed resembles an innerspring bed in looks . It uses a foam rail inside the cover to provide a barrier to hold the softside Bladder in shape.

A Single softside replacement bladder is most economical. A DUAL softside replacement bladder allows Two Temperatures, one for each side of the bed and you can chose different firmness levels too.

A HALF softside replacement bladder allows you to replace one side, or you can have two different firmness levels for each side.