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Softside Waterbed Frame and Mattress Assembly 

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layout the parts      

Begin by ensuring all the parts are there for the assembly.

lean headboard against wall and layout main frame parts  

Lay the headboard against the wall where the bed will go


Start arranging the main frame pieces where they will go.


Attach the cross braces to the two side rails. Usually a nut and bolt are required as well as a washer to prevent the nuts from loosening.


Put feet on frame.

Arrange the frame close to the headboard and attach the headboard with nuts and bolts.




Usually there are two foundations that fit inside the frame and support the waterbed mattress. With full and single sizes you may have only one. Put foundations inside frame.



Place the empty mattress cover on top of the foundation. The cover name tag goes towards the foot of the bed.

Unzip and remove the top.



Start installing the foam bolsters or blocks inside the cover.



Install heaters according to manufacturers instructions.



There are cut-outs for the wires to go through.


Install the liner in the well made by the foam. (seen in dark green to the left)

The mattresses and the thremal divider are then placed in the well.



Remove the cap and seals from both mattresses.


Attach the waterbed hose attachment onto the hose and screw the attachment into the fill hole of the mattress.

Fill each side about three inches and then alternate to the other mattress. Continue alternating between each mattress as you fill.

Trying to fill one mattress all the way will result in it being an overstuffed mattress and the second mattress will be much smaller in size - as the remaining cavity will be small.



If there is any air in the mattress, work it towards the fill with your forearm.

Reinstall the cap and seal.



Wipe up any excess water from the filling process. Water left inside may cause problems later.


Place the topper on top of the mattress and line up the zipper and zip the top all the way around.

Plug in the heaters.


Enjoy a great nights sleep!