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Installing waterbed sheets

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Step 1

Installing sheets, step 1

Lay the fitted sheet out and invert the four corners as shown. The top sheet has been folded underneath for explanation purposes.

Step 2

{Step 2}

You can clearly see the corner is inverted. Grab the corner as seen to the left.

Step 3


Slide one hand into the pocket

Step 4


Using the hand that is in the pocket, grab the mattress as far down as you can through the sheets.

Reach across with the other hand and pull the pocket material down under the mattress.

Step 5


Continue on the other three corners using Step 3 and 4.

After all four corners are set - reset each corner again because the sheets usually slide out of position a little.

Step 6


Tuck the sheets in at the sides, the head and foot.

Unfold the top sheet and finish making the bed.