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Waterbed Sheets can last up to Three to Five years.

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Follow a few simple rules and your sheets will last a lot longer:
  1. Wash sheets if possible in front loading washing machine, top loaders are generally a lot rougher on cloth
  2. Keep three sheet sets for each bed. Rotate them weekly. Letting them rest between uses helps them last years, rather than months, and they will feel nicer longer.
  3. Use only cold or warm water to wash sheets. Hot temperatures weaken fibers and shorten life.
  4. Use mild detergents
  5. Dilute the detergent before putting sheets in the washer. Undiluted detergents dumped into machine can discolor fabric.
  6. Use approximately half the washing machine manufacturer's recommended amount of detergent. If it isn't completely rinsed out, sheets will feel stiff and even cause skin rashes
  7. Add one cup of white vinegar to the rinse water to remove all traces of detergent.
  8. Avoid bleaches and brighteners, they weaken and discolor fibers. Fabric softeners are mostly wax and scent.
  9. To brighten whites, add 1/4 cup lemon juice at the beginning of the wash cycle.
  10. Line dry if possible, if not dry on low a setting, high settings weakens fibers and destroys the finish.
  11. Store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.
  12. Be sure sheets are dry before putting them away.