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How to Repair or Patch a Waterbed Mattress Leak

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How to repair a waterbed mattress leak: Only use a vinyl repair kit. Do not use a rubber repair kit, rubber cement, super glue or other adhesive, they won't hold. Only use waterbed patches, other patch materials will not expand and contract as well as a vinyl patch.

  1. The first step will be to clean the vinyl mattress surface with clean water or alcohol.
  2. A lot of people's first impression is to use large amounts of patch material. This is wrong. For a small pinhole leak, a patch the size of a nickel would be about right. For a 1/4" puncture a quarter would be correct. Patches should be round or oval as corners often lift in a patch. A patch should be about 3/8" larger than the area being patched.
  3. Apply vinyl adhesive to both patch and the mattress surface area to be repaired. Let vinyl glue start to set up and become tacky and even hazy in color.
  4. Put the waterbed vinyl patch on to the waterbed surface.
  5. Most patches should sit and dry for an hour or so to assure a good bond. Read the directions on the patch kit for exact dry time.
  6. Another thing we like to do is once the original patch has dried we will run a consistent bead of vinyl glue all the way around the patches edge. Again let sit until the patch is dry. This additional step helps to hold down the edge of the patch.
  7. Fill mattress to correct fill level and regularly check to make sure the waterbed repair kit has held and is not leaking. This can last for many years. We never recommend repairing mattresses that are over 8 old or are stiff or discolored.

Always be sure to follow patch kits instructions for proper water mattress repairs.

Can't find the leak? Go here for leak detection techniques