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ABC Waterbed Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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How do I know my order went through? You get an email.   Within minutes of placing a successful order you will be emailed a copy of your order. If you don't get one, several things may have caused that. A bad email address or slow email server may prevent it getting there. If you don't get a copy of your sales order by email, please contact us. If you think your credit card did not go through you can call us Toll-Free 1-877-420-2337 Monday through Friday 12 Noon to 5 PM E.S.T.

Why is my mattress vacuum packed?  Quality Assurance   All our waterbed mattresses are packed under vacuum. If you open the box and the mattress is NOT sucked down flat and rigid call us immediately.

Sometimes the wrong size is ordered. Try your product(s) on for size.
   Our biggest shipping problem is when the wrong size linen or mattress is selected from the shopping cart. After all you bought your bed many years ago. It's easy to get confused or forget, or perhaps the salesman was confused. It happens more often than you think.

Try the safety liner in the bed first to be sure you have the right size before even opening your waterbed mattress box. Most Waterbed Mattress orders come with a free safety liner for a reason. If you install the liner and it does not fit, the mattress is probably the wrong size and it won't fit either. This should ensure you have the right size mattress.

Waterbed Sheets, mattress pads, protective covers, and comforters should be tried on the bed first before washing to be sure you have the right size sheets.  

Who do you ship with?  Usually UPS but sometimes we ship using Federal Express or even the United States Postal Service. We need this flexibility to contend with a complex and changing shipping environment.

How do I track my order?   In Stock items are usually shipped within 24 working hours. At the close of the day our orders are processed by UPS and at that time tracking information is sent to you by an additional email. We must have a good email address and the items must be in stock. Not all of our suppliers provide tracking information.

Some items are special order or custom made. We offer these additional items so that you have more choice, if we stocked everything we sell in every color and size we would need a million square foot warehouse and our prices would reflect that. It is very difficult to coordinate tracking information with special order or custom made items, most suppliers/manufacturers don't provide tracking information.

What about returns? Return questions are here

When will it ship?  Usually within 24 working hours    We try to get things out as fast as humanly possible. Shippers do not ship on weekends or holidays. If you order early enough in the working or shipping day - and the item is in stock - it may even ship that day - however there are no guarantees!

By the close of business of the next work day your in-stock purchase should ship. Items not in stock will be ordered from our suppliers. Custom items like some mattresses and sheets will take a little longer.

For our purposes, work days are the days our shipping companies are working. Regular transit times for U.P.S. Ground or other shipping service still applies.

I have no credit card, how do I shop without a credit card? It's really quite easy.   

Place your order online through the shopping cart and select "Money Order" or "You will call us" at checkout. Then you mail your money order or call us with your credit information. If you don't mail a money order or call, you won't be getting your order.

Checks offer a distinct problem. They can take up to 10 days to clear the bank.

Mail Money orders to:

ABC Waterbed Outlet
1819 While Lane
Norfolk, Virginia 23518

Do you do International Orders?    We no longer ship to International Destinations due to a high number of fraudulent orders.

Do you do APO/FPO Orders?   We can no longer ship to APO/FPO. There are problems with size limitations and extra costs and long delays that make this difficult.