Dual Mattresses for Wood Frame Waterbedswood only
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  ABC Waterbed  
strobel halfs

Quite simply, two mattresses and a thermal divider allows you to have two independant temperatures. Each sleeper can now have their own comfort zone.

  Mix and Match Strobel 
  Mix and Match ABC Waterbed 
mkix and match strobel duuals
Special Offer, Buy TWO mattress halfs
and get free Thermal Divider - a $20.00 value

strobel halfs

Sometimes you change your mind and want a firmer or softer mattress for one side, maybe one side has become damaged and you only want a half mattress (or bladder) for your wood frame waterbed.

With the Mix and Match mattresses, you get TWO individual heat ranges AND you get to chose how firm your mattress is. If one sleeper likes it warm and the other likes it cool, and one likes it soft and the other firm the Mix and Match Dual Mattress is for you.

Selecting a Waterbed Mattress

sleep flat
We normally recommend a firm mattress with lumbar support. Sleeping with proper support allows you to sleep in almost any positon in comfort even on your side or stomach.

hammock effect
Full Motion mattresses cause the hammocking effect. Because the central part of the body has more mass, your body sinks deeper throwing the head and legs upward. This makes it very difficult to sleep in any other position than flat on your back.

   If you have spent years sleeping in this position, changing may take patience. Be sure to set your heater to a warmer setting until you are used to a new firmer mattress. This will help the transition.

Primary Considerations

We feel there are two primary considerations for selecting a waterbed mattress from us that relates to comfort.

  1. Waveless Rating
  2. Firmness

   A Waveless Rating tells you how much motion there is in a mattress. A 100% waveless mattress will move very little - motion stops immediately. At the other end of the spectrum is a full motion mattress which has nothing inside it, typically it moves for 10 seconds or even longer.

   Firmness relates to the thickness of fiber layers and number of layers in a given mattress. More layers of fiber result in a firmer mattress. Each brand and line has different fiber layers.

Our Firmness Scale

Very Firm - Firm - Firm Stable - Supple - Plush - Plush Soft - Soft - Very Soft

This gives you a general idea of how firm our mattresses are in relation to each other. Mattresses below 90% waveless have less support so you may have little movement, but you will sleep lower in the mattress. This is why we show a profile view with our ratings on the product pages.

The Waterbed mattress of your dreams. Dozens of models to choose from, so many we need to explain how you can find them. From ABC - we started the idea of Free Shipping.