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ABC Waterbed Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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  1. Does ABC Waterbed Outlet sell waterbed furniture?
  2. What is your Return Policy?
  3. How do you handle sales outside the 48 continuous states
  4. With Dual Mattresses, will we sink down between the two mattresses.
  5. Will we feel the crack or the thermal divider.
  6. How do I build my own waterbed?
  7. Do you have a catalog?
  8. Do you carry crib waterbed mattress?
  9. You sent me the wrong size sheets
  10. Do you guarantee linen colors?
  11. What is Lumbar Support and why would I want it?  Will I feel the lumbar layers?
  12. I am trying to decide between lumbar support or not, does it affect sleeping on stomach or on side?
  13. I just installed my new mattress and it is not very comfortable. Did I do something wrong?
  14. I can't find a frame where I live, How do I build a waterbed frame

1.   ABC Waterbed Outlet does not sell furniture, frames, risers, decking or other wood furniture parts. This is because they are not manufactured and packaged for easy shipping. They are also oversize and overweight by normal shipping standards and expensive to ship. We recommend you look in your local newspaper, trading post newsletter or free newspapers for used frames which should be inexpensive.

2.   It depends on the product since we are extending the manufacturers warranty. Heaters and mattresses generally are 2 5 years, most linens are 1 month to 3 months. Please see warranty information on individual web pages.

See our Return Page for more in-depth answers. If you have a warranty issue you can email us or call us at 1-757-390-2750 between 12:00 noon. and 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday EST if you just have a question. Be sure to include the Order Number, your name and your email address, without this information we cannot locate your order and therefore cannot process a return for you.

3.   We welcome orders to Alaska, Hawaii too, but extra shipping costs do not allow us to ship to these areas for free.
For orders to Alsaka and Hawaii please call us at 1-757-390-2750 between 12:00 noon. and 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday EST.     We no longer ship to international or APO/FPO addresses.

4.   You will not fall between the two mattresses on a dual waterbed mattress. Water seeks it's own level keeping the mattresses together, you also have a mattress pad and fitted sheet over the transition area which prevents you from sliding down between the bladders.

5.   Thermal dividers are made of the same material as the mattress with some soft foam added for insulation purposes so they are soft and pliable. You can barely tell where the two mattresses transition on a dual waterbed mattress with your hand, and even less so with your body.

6.   Do-it-Yourself bed. For legal reasons we do not supply measured plans for building a bed. We do know that many experienced woodworkers have made their own waterbe frames. shows how to build a waterbed.

This provides assembly instructions with images.

This shows close-ups of the hardware.

7.   We do not have a printed catalog. It would increase our prices and is not able to reflect our large stock of products accurately. The shopping cart is easily changed to reflect inventory. Linens for waterbeds are produced at the mills just a few times a year, so supply can choppy. We prefer to only sell items that are in stock.

8.   Child waterbeds have been removed from the market. We love waterbeds, but we consider waterbeds an unsafe place for little ones. They can get wedged between the mattress and frame and suffocate.

9.   Many manufacturers mark both King and California King as "King" or Queen and California Queen as "Queen." Please carefully open the package ( in case you have to return them ) and try them on your bed. If they don't fit, send us an email and we will make further arrangements then.

10.   Sorry, no. We can't guarantee the sheets you order will match your drapes or floor. All manufacturers colors vary from run to run.

11.   What is Lumbar Support and why would I want it? Will I feel the lumbar layers?

Lumbar support helps prevent your back from hammocking. The heaviest part of your body wants to sink down on any bed. Lumbar Support gives support where the most weight is. We have never found that lumbar support is noticed if the waterbed is filled properly (exactly level with the top of wood frame). If it is underfilled, you might be able to feel it.

12.   We are trying to decide between lumbar support or not?

Lumbar support helps provide extra support where you need it most. Small sleepers might prefer fewer lumbar layers but lumbar does support you better. How much support you need is an individual thing. You can order individual mattress bladders for each side of your bed, choose the firmness and lumbar you want.

13.   I just installed my new mattress and it is not very comfortable. Did I do something wrong?

Almost all complaints about comfort can be attributed to not filling the mattress correctly. Many times people overfill the mattress which leaves a layer of water above the fiber layers drastically reducing the support provided by the fiber and maybe making you feel like your teetering on a hill. Other times people do not put enough water in making the mattress harder and less responsive. Mattresses are designed to be filled to a certain level. Overfilling or underfilling drastically changes the comfort level and in the case of overfilling reduces the life of the mattress. Lay a broom handle or board across the frame to be sure your mattress is at the correct level. Add or remove water as needed to have a level mattress. How to properly fill a mattress is here.