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Blue Magic Waterbed Mattress Multi Purpose Vinyl Cleaner Protectant

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Vinyl Cleaner Protectant

Blue Magic Waterbed Mattress Multi Purpose Vinyl Cleaner Protectant in 8 oz spray bottles, fast free shipping on this 3 pack
Blue Magic Multi-Purpose Vinyl Cleaner Protectant
3 Bottles, 8 Ouncers per bottle

Free Accessory
Super Burper
Cap and Seal
Vinyl Cleaner
Drain Fill Kit
Vinyl Repair Kit
Waterbed Conditioner
question mark

free shipping
  • Mild and non abrasive
  • Prevents oxidation and drying
  • Cleans and protects all vinyl and plastic surfaces.
  • Removes dust, dirt and most types of stains.
  • 8 Ounce bottles
  • Use on any vinyl

--- Other Accessories ---
Cap and Seal $5 
Two Cap and Seal Kits
$10 question mark
Super Burper $5 
Two Super Burpers
$10 question mark
Basic Fill Drain Kit $5 
Two Basic Fill Drain Kit
$10 question mark
Faucet Adapter $5
Two Faucet Adapters
$10 question mark
WB Conditioner $5
Two Waterbed Conditioners
$10 question mark
Vinyl Cleaner $5
Two Vinyl Cleaners
$10 question mark
Vinyl Repair Kit $5
Two Vinyl Repair Kits
$10 question mark
Bubble Stop $8
Two Bubble Stops
$15 question mark
1 WB Tablets $10
Three Waterbed Tablets
$25 question mark