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Waterbed Mattress Pads Quilted Straps Cotton/Poly

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mattress pad with straps


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  • Easy to Put On and Remove
  • 50% cotton 50% Polyester
  • Quilted on BOTH sides
  • Protects mattress, Adds comfort
  • "Strap" Style Design
  • Easy wash and dry
  • Traditional Wood Frame Waterbeds
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The Dynasty style 10 pad combines the durability of long-lasting poly cotton and pinsonic quilting with a sturdy 10 oz bonded polyester fill. This mattress pad is quilted on both sides and does not have inexpensive fabric as backing.

This quilted waterbed mattress pad is made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton features a fitted design with all-around elastic to hold it on. Protects mattress from dirt and body oils.

Easy care instructions:
Machine wash waterbed mattress pads in warm water and tumble dry using low heat.

Most waterbed mattress and protective cover manufacturers require a waterbed mattress pad to prevent damage from body oils and soiling the vinyl from everyday use. These contaminants leach out the plasticizers in the vinyl and cause the vinyl to become hard and brittle.

The oils and sweat that you produce while you are sleeping can seep through your sheets and eat away at the rubber exterior of your mattress. All waterbed mattress warranties require you to have a waterbed mattress pad.

Traditional Waterbed Sheet Sizes
  California King 72" x 84" 
  California Queen   60" x 84" 
  Super Single   48" x 84"