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Blue Magic Super Shock Treatment Kit for Waterbed Mattresses

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shock treatment
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Blue Magic® Super Shock Treatment Kit
for Waterbed Mattresses


  • Bad odors from your waterbed? Get our complete shock kit.
  • Giant 16 oz. Blue Magic Super Shock Treatement
  • Two 8 oz bottles Blue Magic All Purpose Conditioner
  • Two large 8 oz bottles Vinyl Cleaner Protectant
  • Treatment controls growth of odor-causing slime-forming bacteria.
  • Specially formulated to clean, protect and preserve vinyl
  • Instruction booklet
  • Hose-Valve coupling, Faucet Adapters
  • Venturi Pump, Two o-rings
--- Other Accessories ---
Cap and Seal $5 
Two Cap and Seal Kits
$10 question mark
Super Burper $5 
Two Super Burpers
$10 question mark
Basic Fill Drain Kit $5 
Two Basic Fill Drain Kit
$10 question mark
Faucet Adapter $5
Two Faucet Adapters
$10 question mark
WB Conditioner $5
Two Waterbed Conditioners
$10 question mark
Vinyl Cleaner $5
Two Vinyl Cleaners
$10 question mark
Vinyl Repair Kit $5
Two Vinyl Repair Kits
$10 question mark
Bubble Stop $8
Two Bubble Stops
$15 question mark
1 WB Tablets $10
Three Waterbed Tablets
$25 question mark

Not using waterbed conditioner often enough, using well water to fill it, or dirt accidently introduced from a garden hose can cause bacteria to get out of hand and your water bed will begin to smell. This package exists to take care of these problems.

The Blue Magic Super Shock and the Vinyl Cleaner is used along with laundry detergent and baking soda to treat the mattress.

Conditioner and remaining Vinyl Cleaner Protectant is needed later to resume normal treatment. Blue Magic Super Shock Treatment Kit for Waterbed Mattresses