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Half Waterbed Mattress U.S. Watermattress Ultra Firm w/Lumbar

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U.S. WaterMattress Ultra Firm Dual Half Waveless Lumbar Waterbed Mattress
9 Fiber Layers
3 Lumbar Layers

Includes Half Bladder and Free Shipping

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  • Made in USA - United States Watermattress
  • Ultra Firm Waveless mattress.
  • 9 Layers Dupont Fiber - 100% Waveless
  • 3 Lumbar Support Layers
  • Superstrong 22 Mil Virgin Vinyl
  • 45 Mil Reinforced Corners
  • Heat Resist Black Trimilitate Bottom
  • Seams underneath for protection
wood only

  WB Cal. King 72" x 84"
  WB Cal. Queen 60" x 84"


Includes Mattress and Shipping

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